March 22, 2023
5 min read

NAB leads Australian banking industry in blockchain adoption with Ethereum

George Chen

National Australia Bank (NAB) made a significant breakthrough last week in the banking sector by completing the first intra-bank cross-border transaction on the Ethereum blockchain using its own stablecoin. This event is historic, as it marks a major milestone for NAB as the largest bank in Australia to break the blockchain barrier. 

The successful pilot transaction also utilised smart contracts for seven major global currencies and highlights NAB's commitment to developing a safe, secure, and simple digital asset ecosystem for Australia.

NAB achieves groundbreaking milestone

NAB's triumph in conducting an Ethereum blockchain transaction is a remarkable milestone for the banking industry, providing novel possibilities for quicker and more economical cross-border transactions. 

This development also underscores NAB's ambition to enable transactions across seven of the top globally utilised currencies, including AUD, NZD, SGD, USD, EUR, JPY, and GBP. In the coming years, this will represent a significant advantage for NAB's international clients, especially those operating in various jurisdictions and markets, as it paves the way for improved ease and efficiency in carrying out their business operations.

Drew Bradford, NAB's executive general manager of markets, stated that the bank is committed to pursuing the right digital asset opportunities with clear customer benefits. NAB's successful Ethereum blockchain transaction marks the beginning of the evolution of financial services from Web2 to Web3, underpinned by blockchain technology, strong governance, and risk management.

AUDN: NAB's Australian stablecoin

NAB has been taking significant strides towards embracing the world of Web3 and digital assets. The bank has invested heavily in the development of its stablecoin ecosystem, fully backing its Australian stablecoin, AUDN, one-for-one with the Australian dollar and managing it as a liability of the bank. This stablecoin will serve as the cornerstone for NAB's ambitions in digital assets, enabling select clients to transact with digital assets by the end of 2023.

NAB collaborated closely with blockchain firms Blockfold and Fireblocks to build and deploy its stablecoins on the Ethereum blockchain. These companies brought their expertise in smart contract creation, secure minting and burning of stablecoins, and managing custody of digital assets on the blockchain. This partnership allowed NAB to leverage the knowledge and skills of these blockchain experts to create a stablecoin ecosystem that is both secure and reliable.

The success of this collaboration is a testament to NAB's commitment to rigorous governance frameworks. The bank has put in place robust systems and processes to ensure that it can support the creation of a safe and reliable digital financial system. With its stablecoin ecosystem and partnerships with blockchain firms, NAB is well-positioned to lead the way in the adoption of Web3 technology and digital assets.

Setting new standards for Aussie banks

As the world hurtles towards digitalisation, NAB's unwavering dedication to adapting and innovating is poised to propel the Australian banking industry to new heights. By forging partnerships with blockchain firms and tapping into their expertise, NAB has demonstrated that it’s serious about exploring the potential of this avant-garde technology.

As NAB continues to innovate and adapt to the evolving landscape, it is setting new standards for other banks to follow. It will certainly be captivating to witness how NAB's remarkable accomplishments will ignite a spirit of excellence in the digital age, driving other Australian financial institutions to break new grounds.

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