April 13, 2023
5 min read

GameFi's Impressive Growth and the Future of Blockchain Gaming Part 2

George Chen

As the gaming industry continues to embrace decentralisation, collaboration and partnership have emerged as crucial components for success. In this second part of our series tackling GameFi, we’ll take a comprehensive dive into the funding landscape, examining the intricate relationships between investors, developers, and platforms.

According to the report provided by Cointelegraph, one of the most significant trends in recent years has been the rise in strategic partnerships. These alliances have facilitated rapid growth within the gaming sector, particularly as they pertain to GameFi and blockchain gaming.

Unlocking Opportunities Through Funding

The Cointelegraph report highlights the crucial role that funding plays in enabling these collaborations and partnerships. By analysing the data, we can identify several key trends that have emerged within the industry:

Increasing capital inflows: The report indicates that capital inflows into the gaming sector have grown exponentially, with total investments amounting to $7.6 billion in 2022 alone. This substantial increase in funding has created a favourable environment for the formation of strategic partnerships.

Prominent investors: Several high-profile investors have emerged as the driving forces behind these collaborations, with entities like Animoca Brands, Shima Capital, and Polygon leading the charge. Their active involvement in funding blockchain gaming projects has helped stimulate growth and innovation within the sector.

Most active investors in GameFi. Source: Cointelegraph Research

Diverse investment portfolio: The report reveals that these prominent investors have supported a wide range of projects, from AAA-quality blockchain-based games to grassroots esports events. This diverse investment portfolio showcases the immense potential of the gaming industry and highlights the myriad opportunities available for collaboration and partnership.

Rising focus on metaverse: The data also indicates a growing interest in metaverse-related products and platforms. One standout example is the $2 billion investment by Sony and Kirkbi (the LEGO Group) in Epic Games to develop metaverse-related products. This trend underscores the increasing relevance of virtual worlds and their potential to reshape the gaming landscape.

Propelled by C-level angels and industry talent

The emerging crypto and blockchain-powered gaming sector is also being supported by top talent and C-level professionals transitioning from conventional gaming to blockchain-related projects. Here in GameFi, they are creating groundbreaking products and services.

Collaboration & partnerships: Angels

For instance, Ryan Wyatt departed his role as Senior Managing Director and Global Head of Gaming at YouTube earlier in 2022 to assume the position of CEO at Polygon Studios, the gaming division of the blockchain company. In other cases, crypto projects are being launched by leadership teams boasting strong gaming backgrounds. N3twork Studios exemplifies this trend, with its president, Matt Ricchetti, having previously worked at PerBlue Entertainment, Kabam, and Zynga. Additionally, N3tworks Studio founder and CEO Neil Young brings over 25 years of gaming experience to the table.

Industry talent coming onboard. Source: Cointelegraph Research

Another noteworthy example is Taki, an engage-to-earn platform that has attracted talents such as Kevin Chou, co-founder of Kabam, and Sakina Arsiwala, who has an extensive product and growth background at top companies like Nextdoor and YouTube.

Evidently, Web3 is drawing talent from across the globe, and the blockchain gaming sector is now being propelled by a robust cohort of professionals who bring motivation, industry knowledge, and networks to the table.


As the GameFi sector benefits from the backing of leading investors and the influx of high-caliber talent, it is well-positioned for unparalleled expansion. Moving ahead, the alliances and collaborations forged will assuredly be instrumental in unveiling novel possibilities and stretching the limits of what can be achieved in the gaming realm.

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