February 28, 2024
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CryptoSpend Roundup - Weekly Newsletter (28 Feb 2024)

George Chen

Welcome to the 5th edition of CryptoSpend Roundup, your trusted newsletter for the latest, up-to-date and insightful crypto news. As the crypto landscape continues to evolve at a rapid pace, our mission is to keep you informed about some of the latest developments, market trends, and opportunities.

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​Before we get into the news, here's the current market prices for our listed currencies:

With that out of the way, let's get into the news!

Bitcoin Price Schorches Past $87K

Bitcoin's price has jumped over 10% in the last two days, exceeding $87,000 AUD on Tuesday morning for the first time since late 2021. This surge comes amid signs of increased institutional investment, with crypto asset manager MicroStrategy announcing a AU$237 million Bitcoin purchase on Monday. Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency, also hit a nearly two-year high above $4,900 AUD. Full article.

Aura CEO Foresees Full Crypto Adoption in Luxury Sector

Aura Blockchain Consortium CEO Halsey Minor forecasts the luxury industry's complete shift to crypto payments and NFTs within five years, driven by rising consumer demand for digital authenticity. He highlights NFTs and blockchain as tools against the $100B counterfeit market. With giants like LVMH, Prada, Cartier, and Richemont on board, the movement gains steam. Full article.

Play Classic Nintendo Games with Bitcoin

A new partnership between retro gaming platform Antstream and crypto payment processor BitPay allows users to access a library of licensed Super Nintendo games using Bitcoin. Customers can link their BitPay wallet to pay a $10 monthly subscription fee. This provides unlimited access to stream over 1,000 classic 16-bit games without ads or loot boxes through Antstream's gaming platform. The retro games can be played across devices using Bluetooth controllers. Full article.

Saudi Arabia Launches Cultural Metaverse for Founding Day

The Saudi Ministry of Culture has created a metaverse experience to showcase and preserve the country's history and cultural heritage. Launching on Saudi Arabia's Founding Day, February 22nd, the "Cultural Universe" metaverse uses blockchain technology to take users on an interactive first-person journey through the nation's key historical events dating back to 1727. The goal is to promote and revolutionize how Saudi culture is experienced. Full article.

New Emails Deepen Satoshi Nakamoto Lore

Newly published emails between early Bitcoin developer Martti Malmi and Satoshi Nakamoto from 2009 to 2011 reveal key insights into Bitcoin's inception, highlighting its decentralized vision, concerns over anonymity, and scalability. Further emails with Adam Back discuss technical foundations and influences. Despite increased speculation on Satoshi's identity, including theories pointing to Nick Szabo or a British origin, the community maintains a respect for Satoshi's desired anonymity. Full article.

And that's a wrap!

This week in the crypto realm has been bustling, with Bitcoin's price soaring past $87,000 and Ethereum's impressive strides not far behind. Highlights include Aura CEO's prediction of complete crypto adoption in the luxury sector, the innovative option to play classic Nintendo games using Bitcoin, Saudi Arabia's introduction of a cultural Metaverse in celebration of Founding Day, and fresh emails that offer more insight into the enigmatic Satoshi Nakamoto lore.

But that's all for this week's edition of CryptoSpend Roundup. We hope you found the information valuable and that it helps you stay ahead in the ever-changing crypto landscape.

If you have any suggestions or feedback for us, please feel free to reach out to our team :)

Happy CryptoSpending!

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